Outing the Past 2018 | 16th – 18th March | Conference Programme (subject to revision)

Friday 16th March 2018

Conference Launch and the 4th Annual Allan Horsfall Lecture
Special venue: Large Lecture Theatre, Redmonds Building, Liverpool John Moores University

This year’s Allan Horsfall Lecture will be given by the musician, radio presenter, and activist Tom Robinson

Saturday 17th March
John Foster Building, Liverpool John Moores University 

08:15: Registration
SU Social Space

09:00: Welcome & Opening Remarks
Room G13
Sue Sanders, Professor Emeritus, Harvey Milk Institute and Chair of Schools OUT UK
Emma Vickers, Liverpool John Moores University and Conference Site Coordinator
Tom Robinson, Musician, Activist and BBC6 Radio Presenter
Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner and Founder of the Peter Tatchell Foundation

09:45: Paper Session 1

1A. Literary Perspectives
Chair: Danny Barreto (Colgate University)
Room G09

The Well of Loneliness and Extraordinary Women
Andrew Herm (Educator & Communications Coordinator for OUTing the Past)

Don Leon and Underground Gay Scholarship
John Lauritsen (Activist & Independent Scholar)

‘Reading Sappho, Thinking Politics: The Troubled Poetics and Ethics of Silence’
Daniel Lourenço (PhD Candidate, University of Lisbon)

1B. Transnational Dynamics
Chair: Rainer Schulze (Professor Emeritus, University of Essex)
Room G15

Scandinavian LGBT History 1948 – 2017: A Transnational Approach (Withdrawn)
Peter Edelberg (University of Copenhagen)

Is the Past a Foreign Country? The LGBT+ Press in Britain and Brazil
Robert Howes (Research Associate, King’s College London)

No Country is an Island: Transnational Influences in British Gay Rights Activism, 1950-1970
Julia Maclachlan (PhD Researcher, University of Manchester)

1C. Workshop: Queering the Documentary
Facilitator: Molly Merryman (Kent State University)
Room G13

11:15: Coffee
SU Social Space

11:30: Plenary Panel Discussion: Activism in Africa and it Diasporic Communities in the UK
Facilitator: Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner and founder of the Peter Tatchell Foundation
Room G13

Chike Frankie Edozien, Professor of Journalism, New York University, and Author of Lives of Great Men

Prossy Kakooza, Outreach Coordinator, Greater Manchester Refuge Support Partnership

Patricia Simeon, Lesbian Immigration Support Group (UK)

Veeca Smith Uka, African Rainbow Families (UK)

12:30: Lunch
SU Social Space

13:30: Paper Session 2

2A. Reading Activist Archives: Exploring the Politics of Visibility and Representation
Chair and panel coordinator, Elisabeth L. Engebretsen (University of Oslo)
Room G09

LGBT-Activism in Audiovisual Archives: Curating Access and Reclaiming Visibility
Dagmar Brunow (Linnaeus University)

Locating Historical Pride Activism in Norway’s Skeivt Arkiv (Queer Archive) and Beyond
Elisabeth L. Engebretsen (University of Oslo)

Making the Past Legible: Cultural Memory and the Historiography of Swedish Feminism
Ulla Manns (Södertörn University)

2B. Interrogating Gender
Chair: K G Valente (Colgate University)
Room G15

Favorinus of Arles: A Roman Intersex Celebrity
Cheryl Morgan (OutStories Bristol)

An ‘Uncivilized Condition’: Gender Distinction, Racial Difference and the Anatomy of Oppression in 17th Century British North America (Videolink)
Kimberly Kent (Masters Fellow, Florida State University)

‘The Female Cabdriver of Liverpool’
Billie-Gina Thomason (PhD Candidate, Liverpool John Moores University)

2C. Out of the Bars, Into the Streets
Chair: Andrew Herm (Communications Coordinator, OUTing the Past National Festival)
Room G13

‘Freedom and repression in a palmtreed battlefield’: Subversive Space and Prefigurative Praxis in John Rechy’s The Sexual Outlaw
George Francis Bickers (PhD Candidate, University of Manchester)

Ambivalence: Affect, Narrative and Space in Trans History-Telling
Sabine Sharp (PhD Candidate, University of Manchester)

15:00: Break
SU Social Space

15:15: Plenary Panel Discussion: Activism in South Asia and its Diasporic Communities in the UK
Facilitator: Dan Carden, MP (Liverpool Walton) & Shadow Minister for International Development
Room G13

Seema Mattu, Artist, Filmmaker and Activist

Sunil Pant, Nepal’s first openly gay MP and founder of the Blue Diamond Society

Khakan Qureshi, Founder of Finding a Voice (UK-based support group for LGBTQI South Asians)

16:15: Coffee
SU Social Space

Rosa von Praunheim’s Film “It Is Not the Homosexual Who is Perverse, but the Society in Which He Lives” and the Beginnings of LGBTQ Activism in (West) Germany
Screening of the landmark 1971 film includes an Introduction as well as a Q/A session led by Rainer Schulze, Emeritus Professor of History, Essex University

Please note that the film contains frontal (male) nudity.
Room G13

18.00: Close of the Saturday Session

Sunday 18th March 2018

09:45: Festival Briefing: Hosting and Organising LGBT History Month Hub Events
What’s involved in organising or contributing to a hub event for LGBT History Month 2019? Come along, find out, and be part of developing next year’s OUTing the Past Festival!
Room G13

10:15: Paper Session 3

3A. Memory, Citizenship, and Belonging
Chair: Jeff Evans (Independent Scholar)
Room G09

Queering the Galician Countryside: Resisting the Metronormative Tendencies of LGBTQ Politics in Iberia
Danny Barreto (Colgate University)

‘Dignified and Valuable Relationships’: Inclusions and Exclusions of Homosexualities in the Scandinavian Movement for Sexual Reform in the 1930s
Runar Jordaen (Skeivt Arkiv, Norwegian Queer Archive, University of Bergen)

Oral History and the History of Queer Activism in Norway
Hannah Gillow Kloster (Digital Archivist, Skeivt Arkiv) and Bjørn André Widvey (Journalist & Broadcaster, Coordinator of the Queer Lives Oral History Project)

3B. Recovery, Authenticity and Performance as Modes of Activism
Chair: Molly Merryman (Kent State University)
Room G13

‘Stand up if you’re gay’: The Burnley Buggers’ Ball and the Dilemmas of Dramatising Political History
Stephen M. Hornby (PhD Researcher, Playwright & Founder of Inkbrew Productions)

From Auschwitz to the Cabaret Stages: The Forgotten Life of a Roma Holocaust Survivor and Transgender Cabaret Artist in Post-war West Germany
Rainer Schulze (Professor Emeritus, University of Essex)

‘The Nuns Are Coming!’: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Queer Activism in Australia and England, 1981-1995
Melissa M. Wilcox (University of California, Riverside)

11:45: Coffee
SU Social Space

12:00: Plenary Panel Discussion: Activism in Central & Eastern Europe
Facilitator: Chike Frankie Edozien (New York University)
Room G13

Shaban Darakchi, Researcher, Bulgarian Academy of Science

Roberto Kulpa, University of Plymouth

Giorgi Tabagari, Advocacy Programme Manager, Equality Movement (Georgia)

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Paper Session 4

4A. Science, Medicine, and Well-being
Chair: Cheryl Morgan (OutStories Bristol)
Room G13

Sex Research as Activism: Project SIGMA and Gay Men’s Sex in the Era of AIDS in Britain
Katherine Jones (PhD Researcher, University of Birmingham)

Hearing Voices: Exploring mid-20th Century UK Based Trans Histories
Stephen Whittle (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Sexing Archives is Good for Our Health
Isabelle Sentis (Founder,

4B. The UK Fight And Right For Open LGBT+ Military Service
Chair: Emma Vickers, Liverpool John Moores University
Room G09

Lesbian Perspectives
Elaine Chambers (Activist and author of This Queer Angel)

Gay Perspectives
Patrick Lyster-Todd (Activist)

Trans Perspectives
Caroline Paige (Activist and author of True Colours)

15:30: Closing Comments
Room G13